Aging prevention's, treatments and diseases

Aging is a natural occurrence in all humans but there are ways to prevent and treat the aging process.


One way of preventing aging of the skin is to apply sunscreen daily that has a “SPF of 15 or higher” (Skin Cancer). Too much tanning or an excessive amount of sun can age the skin. Using sunscreen can help prevent more damage that can occur from the suns harmful rays and also from UV-Radiation (Skin Cancer). Sunscreen can also lessen the amount of “actinic keratoses” that already exists (Skin Cancer). Actinic keratoses is an “abnormal skin eruption, or a pre-cancer.”(Skin Cancer). Administering moisturizer or lotion daily helps your skin to maintain its flexibility; some moisturizers contain SPF which again prevents the body from aging. Another form of prevention is not smoking. As you age your skin becomes thinner and it is damaged more easily. Smoking “causes wrinkles and deprives your skin of oxygen.”(Griffin). Oxygen helps the body to shape collagen. Collagen is important to your skin because it supports the skin, without its support the skin will lose its structure and become wrinkly.

Another form of prevention is eating healthy foods and exercising. Foods with lots of "antioxidants help the skin to fight off free radicals that damage the skin." (Griffin). Exercise keeps the skin strong which helps "prevent aging symptoms." (Griffin) Drinking a lot of water also prevents skin aging. Water washes out the bad “toxins” that “break down the skin’s supportive fibers” (Griffin).


There are many types of treatments for aging skin; one type of treatment is called Retinoids which is a “synthetic derivative of vitamin A”.(Skin Cancer). Retinoids can better the blemishes, and dark patches of the skin. This treatment also boosts the reproduction of “collagen and elastic fibers”; these fibers make the skin more firm and elastic, which reduces wrinkles, and less wrinkles makes the skin look younger (Skin).
Another treatment is called, “IPL (intense pulsed light)” (Skin Cancer) this treatment can take place of a laser treatment which removes the top layer of your skin. IPL neither uses a laser nor removes skin. IPL uses a “small amplitude wavelength light through a crystal sapphire head.”(Skin Solutions) The light enters through the top layer of skin all the way to the lowest layer of skin called the “subcutaneous layer.”(Skin Solutions) This treatment provokes collagen fibers to produce quickly; which again allows the skin to become firmer and reduces wrinkles.
Chemical peels are another form of treatment; they are used to lessen the amount of wrinkles of the skin. This treatment “rejuvenates the skin”(Skin). The chemicals used remove the first layers of the skin once the “skin heals”(Skin) there is a new layer of skin that looks younger.

Dermabrasion “uses a small high-speed, rotating medal brush or file”(Skin Cancer) this brush or file scuffs the “upper layers of skin”(Skin Cancer) and smooths out wrinkles. This treatment also rubs off “pigmentation problems”(Skin Cancer).

Botox This treatment has been used for “20 years” now. It is an “injection of botulinum toxin (Skin Cancer). This injection “temporarily paralyzes the muscles” which smooths out the skin and smooth skin means no wrinkles (Skin Cancer).

Diseases and Disorders

All people age and as they age they go through changes that occur throughout all humans. These changes usually happen with the skin and the whole body itself. The body starts to slow down including the “organs and organ systems inside of them.” (MedlinePlus). Some diseases and disorders set in as aging occurs. Some examples of these diseases and disorders would be:

"-Alzheimer’s disease
-Arthritis many different kinds such as: osteoarthritis or rheumatoid.
-Corneal Abrasion
-Heart Attack
-Loss of hearing
-Menopause in women
-Stroke” (Aging)